May 20, 2009

Paperwork, Paperwork, and more.....Paperwork!!

Things have been quiet for quite a while, and then the flood gates opened again! We are in the process of gathering our Dossier paperwork. The Dossier is a collection of documents that will be sent to Thailand. Included are certified marriage and birth certificates, certified copies of tax returns, bank statements, employment letters, etc. We also have to include letters of recommendation, and pictures of the house and our family. I'm just about finished gathering everything! Once we send the Dossier to Thailand, they will then be able to update *W*s file and send the updates back to our adoption agency. We will then sign more paperwork and return it to Thailand. Thailand will then send us an invitation to travel. I'm praying it's before the end of this year!We're still working on raising money for the rest of the adoption expenses. We are feeling led to take the boys with us to Thailand. Both Chris and struggled with this at first. We had concerns for JC's health, but we have a peace about taking him with us. We will just be extra careful and take precautions to help him stay health. Our other concern is finances. God knows what we'll need to make this work, and He's in charge! We feel that *W*s adjustment will be much easier if she meets her brothers right away. She is used to being with children, so it should be easier for her. I think it will be much easier for the boys too. When we approached them about going, Nick was SO EXCITED! JC was much more reserved. He's been much quieter and more reserved throughout the whole process. He's a lot like his daddy. He stands back and observes, and doesn't show much emotion either way. I'm really at peace now that we've decided to take the boys with us. We are a family and this is a family process. I think they really need to be a part from the very beginning. There's also the value of experiencing a different culture. I think it help the boys connect with their new sister if they see where she has lived for the first 6 years of her life. Please continue to pray for us as we journey towards becoming a family of 5!